Isolated & Regulated High-Density DC-DC Converter first to reach 9W in SIP-8

Sager Power Systems announces the TMR 9 Series from TRACO Power. These high power density DC/DC converters have isolated and regulated outputs with 9 watts of output power in the ultra-miniature SIP-8 package measuring just 0.86” X .038” X 0.44”.

The TMR9 Series consists of 27 models featuring 2:1 Input ranges of 9-18 / 18-36 / 36-75 VDC and single or dual outputs from 3.3~24VDC. TRACO also has available in the same footprint a WI version with ultra-wide 4:1 input ranges of 9-36 / 18-75 VDC. These converters reach a 50% higher power density compared to conventional SIP converters utilizing a flat switching transistor with an extended dissipation surface and thermoconducting potting compound for optimized thermal transfer to the metal casing and dissipated to the environment. These 9 Watt converters operate up to 60°C at full load (85°C with a 50% load de-rating). With 1500 VDC I/O-isolation voltage, external On/Off, short current protection, no minimum load requirement and EMC according EN55022 class A, they are ideal power solutions for a wide range applications.

The TMR 9 series are in stock with standard production quantity lead times of 4-8 weeks. Specifications are available for download from Pricing is as low as $25.83 in 100 piece quantities. A datasheet is available at

Sager Power Systems
Santa Clara, CA
[email protected]


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