Isolated ICs Ensure Precise Measurements With Little Temperature Drift

Silicon Labs family of isolated analog amplifiers, voltage sensors, and delta-sigma modulator (DSM) devices boast accurate current and voltage measurements with very low drift across temperature. Based on Silicon Labs’ third-generation isolation technology, the Si89xx family provides voltage, current, output, and package options to help developers reduce BOM cost and shrink board space for a wide range of industrial and green-energy applications including electric vehicle (EV) battery management and charging systems, dc-dc converters, and motor, solar and wind turbine inverters.


The Si89xx family includes:

  1. Si892x isolated analog amplifiers optimized for shunt-current sensing
  2. Si8931/2 isolated analog amplifiers optimized for general-purpose voltage sensing
  3. Si8935/6/7 isolated DSM devices optimized for voltage sensing—an industry first
  4. Si8941/6/7 isolated DSM devices optimized for shunt-current sensing

Si89xx devices provide typical offset error as low as ±40 µV and ±0.1% gain error, enabling precise measurements. Typical offset drift as low as ±0.15 µV/˚C and typical gain drift as low as –6 ppm/˚C ensure exceptional accuracy across temperature. The devices offer the industry’s highest typical signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)—up to 90 dB. A unique low-power mode automatically reduces current draw on one side of the isolation barrier to approximately 1 mA whenever voltage is removed from the other side, enabling a controller to manage power with a simple field-effect transistor (FET).


Options include:

  • Current or voltage-optimized devices with single-ended, differential or DSM output
  • ±62.5 mV, ±250 mV or 2.5 V input ranges
  • A stretched wide-body SOIC-8 package to support 5 kVrms isolation and 9-mm creepage/clearance and a compact narrow-body SOIC-8 to support 2.5 kVrms isolation

For more information, datasheets, request device samples, et al, visit the Si89xx product page.

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