Isolated Gate Driver Accelerates High-Voltage Apps

Isolated Gate Driver Accelerates High-Voltage Apps
Texas Instruments Inc.

Self-crowned as the industry's fastest isolated gate driver for high-voltage applications, the UCC21520 delivers a propagation delay of 19 ns and a channel-to-channel delay matching of less than 5 ns. The device provides a reinforced isolation of 5.7-kVRMS and is surge-immunity tested up to 12.8 kV. Common-mode transient immunity is greater than 100 V/ns. Additionally, it specifies a standby power of about 1 mA per channel. The UCC21520 is available in a 16-pin SOIC16 wide-body package and is priced at $2.40 each/1,000. A datasheet is available at  

Texas Instruments Inc.
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