ISA100, WirelessHART Support from Apprion


Apprion, Mountain View, CA, offers a version of its IONizer industrial wireless networking appliance that integrates wireless sensor network gateways based on either ISA100.11a or WirelessHART standards with 802.11 (WiFi) radios. IONizers supporting ISA100 and WirelessHART WSN are integrated with the company's IONsphere as part of the ION system. The integration allows transmission of real-time sensor data from devices instrumented with ISA100 or WirelessHART sensors to the ION condition monitoring application. This, in turn, can be combined with other ION applications to provide a single interface for safety, security, engineering, logistics, and maintenance personnel.

Contact Info

Company: Apprion
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 650-934-5700
Fax: 650-964-4257

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