Irvine Sensors to Develop Commercial Acoustic Imaging Sensor

COSTA MESA, CA /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Irvine Sensors Corp. announced that it has received an approximate $1.1 million contract from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to develop an acoustic imaging sensor for a commercial industrial application. The development is scheduled for completion within ten months to meet the potential product introduction schedule contemplated by the OEM sponsor.

John Carson, Irvine Sensors CEO, said, "Our long development history related to sensors for military applications has equipped with us extensive expertise regarding numerous sensor types, including acoustic imaging devices that create pictures from reflected sound. That expertise has now led to a funded entry into a possible commercial market. If this initiative leads to a successful venture, it may open the door for our entry into other commercial sensor markets."

Irvine Sensors Corp, headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, is a vision systems company engaged in the development and sale of miniaturized infrared and electro-optical cameras, image processors, and stacked chip assemblies; the manufacture and sale of optical systems and equipment for military applications through its Optex subsidiary; and research and development related to high-density electronics, miniaturized sensors, optical interconnection technology, high-speed network security, image processing, and low-power analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for diverse systems applications.

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