Irvine Sensors Receives Contract for 3D Circuit Development

COSTA MESA, CA /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Irvine Sensors Corp. announced that a government customer has exercised a $3.4 million option for the next phase of a program to develop 3D electronics technology intended to continue U.S. dominance of high performance integrated circuits. The Irvine Sensors program, dubbed 3D MINT, is a multi-year contract, the first phase of which was completed earlier this year with the successful demonstration of processing speeds and packaging densities at least an order of magnitude improved over that achievable with conventional state-of-the-art electronics. The newly awarded contract option is intended to develop hardware that is potentially transferable to both military and commercial applications.

John Carson, Irvine Sensors' CEO, said, "We have been eagerly awaiting this next phase of funding of our 3D MINT program because it represents a major milestone on our roadmap toward truly cognitive sensors that we believe can eventually accomplish human-level recognition and communication. To achieve the speed, capacity, and low power necessary for such sensors, extremely compact and high-performance 3-dimensional electronics are required."

Irvine Sensors has been a leading source of innovation in the field of 3D electronics for over 25 years. During that period, the company has introduced 3D electronics to a wide variety of military and government applications, including high-density memory for space data recorders, ultra-high-performance neural networks for target recognition and tracking, integrated processors for ballistic missile defense, high-performance laser radar imaging, and miniature embedded computers. To date, commercial applications of 3D electronics have largely been limited to components. The technical goal of the 3D MINT program is to extend the use of 3D electronics to entire computational systems to realize the advantages that such an approach can potentially bring.

Irvine Sensors Corp., headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, is a vision systems company engaged in the development and sale of miniaturized infrared and electro-optical cameras, image processors, and stacked chip assemblies, the manufacture and sale of optical systems and equipment for military applications through its Optex subsidiary and research and development related to high-density electronics, miniaturized sensors, optical interconnection technology, high-speed network security, image processing, and low-power analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for diverse systems applications.