Irvine Sensors Receives $4.6 Million in Contracts

COSTA MESA, CA /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Irvine Sensors Corp. announced that it has received $4.6 million in new development contract awards in approximately the past 30 days. These awards bring the aggregate of new contract and product funding received by Irvine Sensors in the second half of fiscal 2009 to $9.3 million. Much of the recent awards are focused on or related to potential cyber security applications.

About Irvine Sensors
Irvine Sensors Corp., headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, is a vision systems company engaged in the development and sale of miniaturized infrared and electro-optical cameras, image processors, and stacked chip assemblies; the sale of higher level systems, incorporating such products; and research and development related to high-density electronics, miniaturized sensors, optical interconnection technology, high-speed network security, image processing, and low-power analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for diverse systems applications.

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