IR Thermometers from IRCON

IR Thermometers from IRCON

IRCON Inc., Niles, IL, offers the 56 Series Modline 5 IR thermometers with temperature capabilities from 50°C–800°C for spot-weld and induction heat metal treating applications as well as lower-temperature rubber, thick plastic, or textile applications. The sensors incorporate a TEC detector, internal self-calibration, a SS NEMA 4-rated housing, high-temperature cable, and sealed electrical connectors and electronics. The Modline 5 sensor family is available in 4 series serving a total temperature range from 50°C–3000°C, including spectral ranges 0.85–1.1 μm (52 Series), 1.6 μm (5G Series), 2 μm (56 Series), and 2-color ratio 0.75–1.05 μm (5R Series).

Contact Info

Company: Ircon
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 831-458-3998
Fax: 831-425-4561

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