IR Pyrometers from Process Sensors

IR Pyrometers from Process Sensors
Process Sensors Corp.

Process Sensors Corp., Milford, MA, offers its Metis Series of IR pyrometers, suited for measuring the temperature of metals and composites. The Model MP23 has a spectral response of 2–2.6 µm and a temperature range of 130°C–700°C and the MP25 has a 2–2.8 µm spectral response and can measure temperatures from 75°C–1300°C. The short wavelength minimizes the effect of emissivity changes. Aiming options include see-through lens, laser, and video; a fixed-focus version is offered for very small spot sizes. Features include adjustable focus, digital and 4–20 mA analog output, RS-232 or RS-485 interfaces, and fast response.

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Company: Process Sensors Corp.
Phone number: 201-485-8772

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