IR Methane Gas Detector from Det-Tronics

IR Methane Gas Detector from Det-Tronics
Detector Electronics Corp. (Det-Tronics)

Detector Electronics Corp. (Det-Tronics), Minneapolis, MN, offers the MIR mining IR fixed methane gas detector that has been approved by the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration. Intended for installation in underground mines, the sensor uses an IR light beam to detect and accurately measure methane gas concentration and performs continuous self checks. The device is factory calibrated and shipped ready to install. Its modular design provides field-replaceable optics protection filters, a transmitter display module with LCD indicating 0%–5% by volume detected gas concentration. Output is standard 4–20 mA; an alarm/fault relay output is optional.

Contact Info

Company: Detector Electronics Corp. (Det-Tronics)
Phone number: 800-765-3473
Fax: 952-829-8750

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