IR Components Exhibit High Efficiency

The company’s Micro-Hybrid thermopile detectors with a detectivity of up to 7.2 * 108 and the Micro-Hybrid radiation-intensive IR emitter with a membrane temperature of up to 850°C  creates the high sensitivity  performance.  The components are hermetically sealed using Micro-Hybrid's specially developed sealing technology so they not only are very sensitive, but can withstand harsh environments up to 190°C, high humidity up to 100% relative humidity and the measurement of aggressive gases.  The hermetically sealed IR components can be backfilled with various gases.  That influences the Thermopile detectors’ sensitivity and time constant.  The backfill gas affects the IR emitter’s efficiency and the modulation frequency.


Features include:

  • Hermetic seal allows use in harsh environments and the backfilling with various gases.
  • Ambient conditions up to 190 ° C.
  • Humidity-resistant up to 100% rel. Air humidity (non-condensing)
  • Suitable for chemical processes, resistant to aggressive gases such as methane, sulfur dioxide, etc. 

Electro Optical Components Inc.

Santa Rosa, CA



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