IPSO Alliance to Focus Efforts on Identity and Privacy Aspects of Smart Objects

IPSO Alliance to Focus Efforts on Identity and Privacy Aspects of Smart Object

San Jose, Calif.–January 26, 2016–The IPSO Alliance (IPSO) introduced its new charter, refocusing the organization’s efforts on identity and privacy of smart objects. Specifically, IPSO will develop, establish and create an “IPSO Platform," to outline the definition and support of smart objects with an emphasis on object interoperability on protocol and data layers and of identity and privacy technologies.

IPSO’s mission is to create a platform and support system that includes libraries, repositories, design kits, and industry awareness for discovery and interoperability of IoT Smart Objects.

“Historically, our focus has been to promote 'why' and 'how' to use Internet Protocol (IP),” explained Geoff Mulligan, Executive Director of the IPSO Alliance. “With broad adoption of IP for IoT devices and the recent publication of our Smart Object models, we are turning our efforts to ensuring that Smart Objects have identity, privacy and security attributes. Addressing these issues is critical to securing the IoT – and all of its data.”

To help drive the organization’s new focus, IPSO is pleased to welcome ARM’s Mikko Saarnivala to the Board of Directors, joining current members from Eaton, Ericsson, Intel, Micrium, Oracle, Proto6 and STMicroelectronics.

IPSO’s Board of Directors has also appointed two new co-chairs to lead IPSO’s Technical Advisory Board (TAB), Milan Milenkovic (Intel) and Hannes Tschofenig (ARM). Additional TAB members will be announced in the near future. The TAB is tasked with defining: IPSO’s terminology; the IPSO Reference Framework to achieve interoperability for all Smart Object models; how Smart Objects will be used; the work to develop the Smart Object Reference Framework; and to oversee the work within various IPSO committees.

“Our membership has truly rallied around the new charter and is actively engaged in working together to solve challenges, like identity and privacy, in ways that work across the entire IoT using open standards. We look forward to sharing the results of our efforts as we move forward,” concluded Mulligan.


About the IPSO Alliance

The IPSO Alliance is a global forum comprised of a diverse international membership of companies and non-profit organizations focused on developing the definition of a smart object framework with an emphasis on the aspects of identity and privacy. IPSO Alliance membership is open to any organization supporting an IP-based approach to connecting smart objects. For more information, http://www.ipso-alliance.org/.





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