IPS Offers Dev Platform for Energy Harvesting

LITTLETON, CO /PRNewswire/ -- Infinite Power Solutions (IPS), the global leader in solid-state, rechargeable thin-film micro-energy storage devices (commonly known as thin-film batteries), unveiled the THINERGY Application Development Platform (ADP) at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston, Mass. The ADP, coupled with IPS' THINERGY family of thin-film micro-energy cell (MEC) products, empowers designers to create new microelectronic applications, such as perpetually powered and deeply embedded systems. Previously, the barrier to the development of innovative microelectronic devices was the availability of a viable micro-energy storage solution in a small form factor. Now, for the first time, companies in the active RFID, powered smart card, wireless sensor, medical device, consumer electronics, automotive and military/aerospace markets have access to both volume-production-ready thin-film MECs and a powerful development platform.

IPS' innovative family of thin-film MECs deliver a highly efficient, safe, rechargeable and powerful energy storage solution in an extremely thin form factor -- roughly the size of a postage stamp. IPS' ADP evaluates and demonstrates its MEC performance advantages over competing solutions while powering the developer's application. To this end, the MEC's thinness, power and long life makes it ideal for integration into embedded applications, while the ADP enables the simultaneous development of energy harvesting solutions to create a new generation of autonomously powered micro-electronics systems.

Commenting on today's announcement, Ray Johnson, IPS president and CEO, noted, "Our new Applications Development Platform is one of the flashpoints igniting a new microelectronics revolution. No longer are microelectronic devices or systems shackled to traditional bulky, unsafe and inefficient battery technologies. Product and system designers can now rapidly prototype and cost-effectively develop a whole new generation of micro-powered applications that leverage THINERGY, the designer's choice for rechargeable, micro-energy storage solutions."

Tim Bradow, vice president of technical marketing and business development notes, "Feedback on the ADP from our early access customers has been very positive. This developer's tool kit enables them to evaluate both the performance of our revolutionary MECs along with a variety of third-party ambient energy harvesting systems. Not only is it ready to use, right out of the box—but it can also save the system developer tens of thousands of dollars in equipment and engineering time. In fact, there's nothing else on the market that comes close to the capabilities of our THINERGY ADP and micro-energy cells."

About the ADP
The THINERGY ADP greatly simplifies the typical lab setup for micro-battery testing and is ideally suited for evaluating the IPS micro-energy cells performance, the effectiveness of charging circuits using ambient energy harvesting, and overall system development of the user's end application.

The ADP tool provides a simple method to charge, discharge and monitor IPS' MECs during device evaluation and system integration. Specifically, the ADP's built-in demo mode provides pre-defined loads (constant resistance, constant current, pulsed current and standard LED load) to discharge the battery while displaying the time, state of charge, and discharge voltage/current—all the while protecting the cell from over voltage or under voltage conditions. In addition, the ADP serves as a development platform to allow users to develop their own applications on a separate breadboard—powering the application from the MEC while being monitored by the ADP. IPS' MECs are soldered to a credit-card sized printed circuit board (PCB) for easy handling and insertion into the tool. The ADP also allows the user to connect various energy harvesting circuits to charge the battery, enabling the developer to easily prototype and emulate their entire microelectronic system.

IPS' ADP kit features the THINERGY ADP tool, 3 MEC daughter cards that plug into the ADP for evaluation, power and programming cables and comprehensive user's guide. A data-logging capability is also available as a software upgrade option. ADP kits are available now for purchase to IPS-qualified customers and partners.

IPS' innovative THINERGY MECs are revolutionary solid-state, rechargeable, energy storage solutions that serve a variety of vertical markets. These MECs are ultra-thin, flexible and provide unrivaled rechargeability, cycle life and power performance. Able to operate in temperatures ranging from –40°C to +85°C, IPS' MECs offer extremely low self-discharge rates, low cell resistance and high power, making THINERGY the industry leading micro-energy storage offering. Its extremely thin form factor allows for easy integration onto or embedded into PCBs, IC packaging, multi-chip modules (MCMs), Systems in Package (SIP) or even the structural material associated with the application itself. Moreover, IPS MECs are ideally suited for use with all forms of ambient energy harvesting techniques for recharging—such as solar, thermal, RF, magnetic and vibration energy—delivering a safe, reusable and clean power source for today's electronic devices and systems.

About Infinite Power Solutions, Inc.
Infinite Power Solutions, Inc. (IPS) is the global leader in developing and manufacturing solid-state, rechargeable thin-film micro-energy storage devices (commonly known as thin-film batteries) for a variety of micro- electronic applications. Founded in 2001, IPS is a privately held company with corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities in the western suburbs of Denver, CO. The company has completed the world's first volume manufacturing facility dedicated to the production of its revolutionary thin- film micro-energy cell (MEC) products. IPS has recently commenced pre- production activities at this state-of-the-art facility to address growing demand among customers in the active RFID, powered smart card, wireless sensor, medical device, consumer electronics, automotive and civil/military/aerospace markets.

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