IP66 Aluminum Enclosure Outfits DIN Rail Applications

IP66 Aluminum Enclosure Outfits DIN Rail Applications

The DMX Series DIN-rail-mounting enclosure embarks as an attractive, easy-to-mount, NEMA-4X/IP-66 rated enclosure made of extruded aluminum and plastic endcaps. It holds up to three printed circuit boards and is useable independently or mounted on a standard 35mm DIN rail. Suitable for DIN-rail-powered industrial controls, test devices, controllers, and relays, an IP66 rating makes the enclosure suitable for dusty industrial settings or outdoor locations. They have integrated slots for mounting PCBs, which are an optional accessory. The DMX series is available in six widths and the company can modify them with holes, slots, or cutouts to fit specific design requirements within 5-6 days and at no extra cost. Enclosures are available from stock at prices starting around $6.75 with discounts for quantity orders. For more info, visit http://www.budind.com/DMX-IP66-aluminum-enclosure

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