IoTLive Virtual Event Will Address Unanswered Questions for the Internet of Things on April 9th

Boulder, CO --- and Harbor Research are partnering to host IoTLive #002, a free online conference for the global Internet of Things community, as part of this year’s Internet of Things Day celebration on April 9th. Now in its fifth year, IoT Day is an open invitation for the Internet of Things community to get together and share knowledge. In 2015, IoT Day will be celebrated in 18 countries with events including Meetups, hackathons, and conferences.

Starting in 2014, IoTLive became the flagship online event of IoT Day, providing a virtual forum for the worldwide participants to connect and interact. IoTLive features thought-provoking panels, engaging debates among the industry’s top thought leaders, live demo sessions and interactive polling to drive knowledge and solutions to the tough questions facing business leaders today.

This year, IoTLive keynote presentations will feature companies that are addressing the IoT from a variety of technological perspectives:

• Eurotech, a leader in embedded computing, will discuss the foundations necessary to deliver and manage M2M data within the business enterprise.
• ThingWorx, a 2015 IoT Award winner for Best Platform, will uncover the evolution of the IoT and its future impact on businesses and our personal lives.
• Cisco, a leading IoT infrastructure provider, will describe how the opportunities presented by the IoT far outweigh the costs and challenges…if managed correctly.

In addition, IoTLive panels will bring together leaders and luminaries, including numerous C-level executives, from across the space to address unanswered questions about:

The Evolution of IoT Platforms

Today everyone claims to offer a “platform”, but nobody agrees on what a platform actually is. This panel will uncover some useful definitions, identify where control points exist, and discuss use cases in which platform have been implemented successfully.

The Emergence of IoT Development Tools

This panel will explore the possibility for new development tools to address current problems like interoperability and scalability. In addition, the panel will discuss the need for simple tools that can address complex issues to provide services we have not seen before.

Market Development in the Industrial Sector

Leaders from technology suppliers and OEMs will address the complexities of proving return on investment (ROI) from IoT implementations, solving problems with data ownership and integration, and helping the community understand the convergence of IT and OT.

How Should We Be Really Addressing Security?

Ensuring the security of IoT devices, services and data today remains an unsolved problem. Privacy, data management, government regulations, and protection against cyber threats are a few of the issues that become increasingly complex when considered in the context of distributed and heterogeneous devices and systems.

Join us on any time on April 9 to explore these issues and participate in a global celebration of the interactions between things, people and systems.

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