IoT Thwarts Fuel Snatchers

Adelaide, South Australian company Fluid Management Technology (FMT) has created a system that remotely monitors gasoline consumption. Designed for fleets of civil and municipal vehicles that take long trips, SmartFill GEN2 devices use driver and vehicle specific identification keys to unlock the fuel tank. The device then records how much fuel is put it into the vehicle’s tank and accesses the vehicles odometer readings and cargo types to calculate fuel requirements. The system can be programmed to lock fuel tanks if too much fuel or if an unscheduled transaction occurred.

FMT’s success grew with the implementation of a diesel fuel rebate in Australia that allows businesses to claim exemptions or rebates on fuel excise tax. SmartFill allows businesses to accurately document fuel consumption to maximize tax credits. It has since expanded internationally to include clients in Indonesia, United States, Vietnam, New Zealand, Kenya, New Caledonia, Mongolia, and Oman.

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