IoT Starter Kit Exploits LoRa RF Technology

IoT Starter Kit Exploits LoRa RF Technology

Semtech’s LoRa Wireless RF technology is featured in a starter kit developed by MultiTech. that aims to simplify the development of Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The kit provides the necessary components to build and connect a LoRa-based IoT proof of concept (PoC) to a low power, wide area network (LPWAN). It includes a pre-configured and programmable MultiConnect Conduit gateway featuring LoRa, a MultiConnect mDot LoRaWAN RF sensor module certified by the LoRa Alliance, and cloud connectors. Both the MultiTech gateway and sensor module are embedded with Semtech LoRa technology, providing a configurable, manageable and scalable solution for IoT applications. More details are available at:

Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.
Mounds View, MN
Direct Sales: 888-288-5470
Support Toll-Free: 800-972-2439
Support: 763-717-5863
Repairs: 763-717-5631

Semtech Corporation
Camarillo, CA
[email protected]

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