IoT Solution Eases Urban Traffic

(Q-Free and Silicon Labs)

Q-Free and Silicon Labs have collaborated on an outdoor parking IoT sensor solution that makes it faster and easier for drivers in urban areas to locate open parking spots. The companies created the Q-Free’s ParQSense Smart Parking Sensor, which uses the Silicon Labs’ Wonder Gecko wireless microcontroller (MCU) for control and Sub-GHz connectivity.


The Q-Free ParQSense solution uses dual radar and magnetic field technology to sense with 99+ percent accuracy whether a vehicle is present in a parking space. The application transmits data to centralized base stations over ultra-long distances using narrowband sub-GHz wireless connectivity.


During the product development phase, Q-Free recognized low-power wireless connectivity would be crucial in ensuring the viability of the solution. The primary product design obstacle was offering a combination of high accuracy components with extremely low power consumption.


The Q-Free ParQSense Smart Parking Sensor product line will be available for commercial release Sept. 17, 2018. For more info, visit Q-Free and Silicon Labs.