IoT Modules & Security Services Deliver Device-to-Cloud Protection

Samsung’s ARTIK secure IoT modules and security services promise to deliver comprehensive device-to-cloud protection for IoT deployments. Additionally, the ARTIK IoT platform fully integrates with the company’s unified IoT platform dubbed the SmartThings Cloud, enabling interoperability with both Samsung and third-party IoT devices and IoT cloud services.


ARTIK IoT Platform with SmartThings Cloud reportedly will provide everything companies need to quickly develop secure IoT products and services including production-ready hardware, software and tools, cloud services and a growing partner ecosystem. The addition of new ARTIK secure IoT modules enables device-level protection for safe data exchange, interoperability, and secure access to ARTIK IoT services including device onboarding, orchestration, management, and over-the-air updates.

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Secure Systems-on-Modules


The ARTIK secure IoT modules combine hardware-backed security with pre-integrated memory, processing, and connectivity for a broad range of IoT applications, from simple edge nodes like sensors and controllers, to home appliances, healthcare monitors, and gateways for smart factories. This helps protect data and prevent devices from being taken over, disabled, or used maliciously.


The modules provide a strong root of trust from device-to-cloud with a factory-injected unique ID and keys stored in tamper-resistant hardware. The modules’ public key infrastructure (PKI) enables mutual authentication to the cloud to identify each device on the network and support whitelisting. Users can access the Secure Boot feature and code signing portal to validate software authenticity on start-up.


In addition, the secure IoT modules provide a hardware-protected Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) with a secure operating system and security library to process, store, and manage sensitive resources, including keys and tokens on devices. Information is protected using FIPS 140-2 data encryption and secure data storage.


ARTIK secure IoT modules will be available on November 30. For more information, visit the ARTIK platform I/O and Cloud pages and/or contact Samsung ARTIK.

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