IoT-Based Monitor Keeps Tabs On Power Management For DIYs

Solarable addresses the growing number of people who are creating their own power generation systems and their need to monitor and manage power usage as well as the affect weather has on their systems. Briefly described by its creators, "Solarable is the first IoT monitor that gives people the flexibility to monitor any solar or wind powered generator system and forecast an energy budget based on weather."

The module links to solar or wind-powered generators and monitors, tracks, and predicts the daily energy budget, accounting for weather and power consumption. Unlike other monitors, Solarable works with any inverter or batteries.

Via its on-board LCD and iOS and Android apps, the module displays:

  • solar panel or wind turbine current (amps), volts and power (watts)
  • battery volts and available power
  • electrical demand - current, volts, power
  • mobile notifications and alerts - system health, low solar/wind generation and high demand
  • battery lifetime cycles and lifetime cycle remaining
  • 72-hour solar budget prediction, based on weather forecast and usage history
  • a visual cue for the state of your solar or wind generator as the display-dial pulses different colors

Solarable is currently running on a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to go into full production in early 2017. Hoping to prove market potential, Rare Labs is looking to raise $12,500 to produce the initial shipments in early 2017.

CLICK HERE to watch a video demo. To view the Kickstarter campaign, CLICK HERE.

Rare Labs

Scottsdale, AZ



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