IoPT: Add It To Your List of IoXXX Acronyms

The Internet of Things (IoT) brand is constantly expanding to create, if nothing else, more variations on the IoT acronym. But hey, you can never have too many buzzwords and acronyms, the more the moneyer.

According to Prime Competence, the Internet of Postal Things (IoPT) is a network of physical objects, i.e., machines, equipment, vehicles, etc., embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data to the advantage of the user. Sounds just like the description of IoT sans P. At any rate, Prime Competence believes IoPT is rapidly emerging.

The company has developed what it is calling a Reference Framework for postal facilities new to the rapidly emerging IoPT. Said framework will provide guidance on the practical application of IoPT, with particular focus on the logistics function. Every facility experiences common logistics problems such as undelivered mail, seasonal demand fluctuations, the availability of sufficient roll containers in the right places at the right times, and a lack of current location-specific inventory information with regard to moveable objects.

This would seem obvious; knowing the location, route, load factor (by volume and weight) and other data about shipments and assets can be extremely valuable. Importantly, such capability can also facilitate additional revenue streams or business models. For instance, there is potential to offer deeper level track and trace capability, along with services such as live re-direct, and live collection/returns based on current and predicted location of mail delivery personnel and vehicles, potentially even using autonomous robots and drones in the mail and parcel handling process. The possibilities are almost endless, more so than the endless possibilities for more IoXX acronyms.

Prime Competence is working with a number of postal facilities to develop smart, future proof and cost effective solutions based on its IoPT Reference Framework and extensive experience in the postal world. For more details, visit

Cliff Clavin and Newman must be pleased. Watch an IoPT video with nice, un-offensive folk music in the background at

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