IOCC Partners with GateKeeper USA

ROCKVILLE, MD /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- The International Operations Center for Children (IOCC) announced that it has entered into an alliance with GateKeeper USA Inc., who has developed an automated device that will soon be available for all shipping containers. This technology will act as a tremendous deterrent for traffickers who use freight shipping as a method to transit humans for various forms of exploitation.

The Container Automated Monitoring System (CAMS) device is equipped with biometrics and other sensors that provide immediate recognition of a human presence. That, coupled with CAMS' ability to detect water, food, traces of light, hull ventilation breaches, narcotics, and other related items that are present in human trafficking activities, will be a viable tool on the war on trafficking.

Note: Drugs, arms, and human trafficking are all inextricably linked to providing funds for terror organizations worldwide. Due to the nature of organized crime, the IOCC believes that more needs to be done to curtail human trafficking.

James W. Wishart, Gatekeeper's CEO says: "We are pleased and honored to have the opportunity to assist the IOCC and other alliance members in this fight against human Trafficking. GTKP is prepared to do its part to ensure that this happens."

In SE Asia alone, there are at least 200-225,000 trafficked annually, and of that number, 30,000 women and children are estimated to arrive in the U.S. Human trafficking is a highly profitable illegal business in which people are coerced or tricked into traveling far from their homes to work for little or no money. These modern day slaves are disproportionately women and children, who are forced to work as hard laborers, soldiers, domestic servants, and all too often, as prostitutes.

It is vital that the global community develops the political unrest to address the issue of human trafficking from a centralized global perspective.

Christian Elliott President of the IOCC says: "The introduction of this new technology will allow us to curtail one of the oldest transatlantic routes traffickers exploit everyday. We need to make it as difficult as possible for traffickers by creating deterrents and effective barriers, forcing traffickers to be exposed."

The data provided by Gatekeeper is available in real time, improving the overall efficiency of the alliance directly from sea bound vessels. It will literally mean that if human cargo is found on any vessel, it can be isolated and contained before it leaves the dock and/or intercepted should cargo be introduced en route.

The IOCC is seeking to unite the global fraternity of NGO's, local and international intelligence agencies to better equip the enforcement of our transatlantic laws. The CAMS device will provide the real-time data to be used as information that could lead to valuable intelligence. To effectively fight organized criminal and terrorist groups, the routes used to transport "supplies" must be investigated and shut down by integrating task forces and law enforcement agencies worldwide and by using technologies such as the Gatekeeper CAMS device.

About GateKeeper USA
GateKeeper USA Inc., located in Rockville, MD, is engaged in the maritime container industry as it relates to container security and protection from potential terrorist attacks. The initial focus of the company is the deployment of a proprietary shipping container security device known as the GateKeeper USA CAMS. The company has employed proprietary detection and identification technologies. The technologies being used by the company provide rapid, automatic, and specific real-time analysis, identification, and quantification of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive materials, whether in liquid, solid, or gaseous states.

About The IOCC
The International Operations Center for Children (IOCC) was founded on the principle that all people are born with an equal right to freedom and opportunity, an ideal that has driven the IOCC as an organization.

We acknowledge that slavery exists in the modern era, and we are committed to protecting the victims and stopping the perpetrators that benefit from these crimes against humanity.

We must join together within the global community to provide that safe haven or place of refuge, by protecting victims and prosecuting perpetrators of slavery.

This can be achieved namely by coordinating intelligence globally in a shared capacity with law enforcement, governments, inter-governmental agencies, and NGO's. We must also seek to improve victim identification, medical and social services, training for first responders, and increased public awareness.

With a unified approach and the aforementioned measures in place, the men, women and children who have suffered this scourge can overcome the bonds of modern slavery, receive protection and justice, and successfully reclaim their rightful independence.

Christian Elliott - human rights activist, Christian Elliott has an established track record, founding and developing projects that emphasis the direct combat of slavery and human trafficking. The work Christian has accomplished is evidenced by the success and sustainability of the campaigns and programs he has founded. He has engaged political debate in the House of Commons England and has coordinated with government agencies globally, including the governments of the U.S., UK, Serbia, Croatia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, and others, facilitating interagency communication between policy makers, NGOs, law enforcement, and academic institutions. Christian is the co founder of both Stopthetraffik and Global Angels in the UK and is currently the president of the International Operations Centre for Children (IOCC) and a Director of Love146, an agency dedicated to the rehabilitated of children who are liberated from slavery.

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