Invisa's Patented Security Technology Delivers Efficiency Gains

SARASOTA, Fla. /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Invisa, Inc. announced that it has been awarded patent number 7,023,222 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the apparatus and method for processing capacitor sensor signals using digital frequency shift measurement techniques with floating reference.

This patent builds on Invisa's portfolio of two prior issued patents, two pending patents, and numerous provisional patent applications. The latest patent protects Invisa's technological leadership by applying digital technologies to capacitance sensing for safety and security applications.

By applying digital technology to Invisa's patented sensing technology, the company believes that it will achieve a number of potential benefits, including:

  • Reduces sensor manufacturing costs
  • Expands existing markets and opens new markets for Invisa's sensing products through easier installation and set-up and easier maintenance
  • Delivers efficiency gains by continuously updating the sensor with changes in the environment, giving the sensor more flexibility to adapt to new safety and security applications
  • Enhances reliability because it is less susceptible to electronic noise spikes caused by lightning or other electromagnetic interference
  • Provides opportunity for new developments in Invisa's sensing products due to the fact that it can be implemented in complex programmable logic devices (CPLD), field programmable gate arrays (FPGA), or a microcontroller
U.S. Patent #7,023,222 is viewable directly in PDF format from the Invisa Web site.

Invisa's line of SmartGate safety equipment is the only electronic noncontact safety system designed to provide an invisible field that moves with and precedes the gate arm. If the gate arm is coming down on a pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle, car, or other vehicle, the gate arm is signaled to stop and reverse before contact has been made to avoid injury and damage.

If you are a manufacturer of safety barriers or security systems and would like more information on incorporating InvisaShield technology into your systems via the Invisa OEM partner program, please contact Carl Parks, Invisa Chief Operating Officer, at [email protected] or 941-355-9361, ext. 124.

About Invisa
Invisa presence-sensing solutions serve the electronic life safety and security markets. Invisa's proprietary InvisaShield technology is based on enhanced capacitive sensing and is resistant to known methods of circumvention without employing infrared, laser, ultrasound, or microwave radiation. InvisaShield can detect intruders who violate a sensing zone ranging from millimeters up to 1 m. Invisa's SmartGate safety system generates an invisible protective field that moves with and precedes the potentially hazardous leading edge of powered gates, garage doors, sliding doors, and other powered closures. With an estimated 60,000 new parking control gates installed each year and an installed base of over 1 million gates worldwide, an enormous market exists for Invisa's SmartGate technology. In addition to moving gates, Invisa is developing a similar line of products based on its patented InvisaShield technology for the overhead-door and museum-security markets. For information about SmartGate products or the patented InvisaShield technology, visit the company Web site or call 941-355-9361. A video of SmartGate in action can be viewed on the company Web site.

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