Inverter Power Supplies Handle Plethora Of Chores

Inverter Power Supplies Handle Plethora Of Chores

Suitable for a wide range of aerospace, automotive, battery, and appliance applications, the IS-800CR and IS-1400CR mid-frequency inverter power supplies are available in a basic model that adds an improved set of features, and a full-featured model offering advanced force and displacement abilities. The IS-800CR is an 800A inverter power supply that provides output power ranging from .05 to 40 kA in four ranges. It can be used as a standalone large scale welding station or for applications that require welding many different sized parts on the same station. The IS-1400CR is a 1,400A supply providing .05 to 80 kA of power in five ranges. It can be used for the same applications as the IS-800CR as well as those requiring higher currents.

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