Invensys Announces Real-Time Condition Management Technology

ARCwire -- Invensys announces a new intelligent real-time condition management component for the company's InFusion enterprise control system. The new InFusion Condition Manager builds upon Invensys' Avantis.CM technology to provide the ability to collect real-time condition data from an even broader range of plant data sources and to interoperate with the full range of Invensys and third-party applications supported through the InFusion application environment. Like Avantis.CM, InFusion Condition Manager provides powerful tools for analyzing and contextualizing the data and applies an expert rule set that first triggers and then manages the appropriate operations, engineering, or maintenance actions. As a result, the new InFusion Condition Manager provides a powerful new capability for helping companies to effectively balance asset availability and utilization to align overall plant performance with business objectives.

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