InvenSense Introduces Dual-Axis Gyroscope

SUNNYVALE, CA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--InvenSense, the leading provider of award-winning motion-sensing solutions for portable consumer electronics, announced the introduction of the IDG-1100 family of dual-axis gyroscopes, the world's smallest solution at 4 x 5 x 1.2 mm. InvenSense's dual-axis gyroscopes, which integrate both the micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) resonating structures and compensating complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) electronics at the silicon wafer level, is 25% smaller than any competing dual-axis gyro solution on the market today.

The IDG-1100 product family targets cost-sensitive and size-constrained portable consumer applications such as digital still cameras (DSC) and camcorders for image and video stabilization, portable navigation devices (PND) for dead reckoning when GPS signals are lost or corrupted, and 3D motion sensing devices such as air mice and audio/video remote controls for television and multimedia centers and game controllers.

InvenSense continues to leverage its proprietary and patented Nasiri-Fabrication to offer the best-in-class products that surpass all alternative solutions in size, performance, reliability and robustness. The key technological breakthrough stems from its novel wafer-level integration of MEMS wafers with the sensing elements to CMOS wafers with compensation electronics. This wafer integration provides for complete hermetic sealing of the sensing elements while integrating it to its electronics.

Using an integrated, single-chip solution enables both X and Y sensing elements to be simultaneously fabricated on the same silicon. This solution produces superior cross-axis sensitivity compared to most other products that require individual sensor mounting or sensing elements glued to the package at the assembly level. Furthermore, by providing complete hermetic sealing of the sensing elements at wafer level, the integrity of the sensitive moving parts are preserved throughout the life of the product, making it insensitive to a humid environment. Finally, using bulk silicon MEMS technology provides for a robust solution that is capable of handling shocks as high as 10,000 G, which is crucial for most portable consumer electronics vulnerable to frequent drops on hard surfaces.

"We are continually striving to offer the leading motion sensor solutions in the market that meet or exceed customers' application requirements," stated Steven Nasiri, InvenSense's CEO and founder. "With millions of gyroscopes already shipped to leading customers in the DSC, PND and 3D device markets, we are very proud to continue to bring to market products that are at the forefront in advancements for the industry and that provide customers with solutions that are enabling pervasive features in the portable consumer electronics market."

About InvenSense
InvenSense Inc. is the world leader in motion-sensing solutions for mobile devices. The innovative Nasiri-Fabrication process is the patented fabless MEMS technology developed by InvenSense to dramatically reduce the cost of producing inertial sensors. The company's fabrication technology and gyroscope sensor products are essential to emerging mass-market applications such as image stabilization, mobile navigation, location-based services and smart user interfaces that use hand motion and gesture-based commands. InvenSense was honored by Frost and Sullivan with the 2006 Product Innovation of the Year award for its IDG product line and Nasiri-Fabrication technology. Founded in 2003, InvenSense is a venture capital funded company with lead investors that include Artiman Ventures, Partech International and Qualcomm Ventures. InvenSense corporate offices are located at 1197 Borregas Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA.

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