InvenSense And Sonion Announce O-Series MEMS Microphones

SAN JOSE, CA --- InvenSense, Inc. releases the O-series MEMS microphone in two very small form factors: O8 (8mm³) and O11 (11mm³). The new O-series, which has been designed specifically for hearing aids, provides superior sound quality with very high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), increased overload margin for extended dynamic range, and very low-power optimized for 0.9V operation. The O-series products offer hearing aid manufacturers greater flexibility in hearing aid design.

The O-series, which will begin to ship in volume in January 2017, is designed to meet the stringent directionality requirements of hearing aids. In Sonion’s dedicated manufacturing facilities the O series microphone sensitivity is precisely trimmed to the required sensitivity. This tight sensitivity distribution eliminates the need for sensitivity calibration between two microphones in a hearing aid. Combining this with low-humidity drift and long term stability of the O-series MEMS microphone, enables a perfectly stable directional system. With this ground breaking performance the O-series sets a new standard for MEMS microphones for hearing aids and is expected to be the microphone of choice for future designs.

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