Introducing the MicroView - The Chip-Sized Arduino With a Built-In OLED Display

Boulder, CO – The MicroView is a collaborative project between Colorado-based SparkFun Electronics and Australian company Geek Ammo. Designed to be one of the easiest-to-use Arduino platforms available, the MicroView is perfect for anyone looking for an education in electronics, programming or Arduino. In a form-factor about the size of a quarter, the MicroView combines the power of an Arduino development board with a custom OLED screen to make an all-in-one solution for DIY enthusiasts in search of a powerful microprocessor platform that has a built-in display.

The MicroView will ship with built-in tutorials to help users get started; and the Geek Ammo team has built a set of cross-platform, interactive tutorials that teach how to create 11 different circuits. While accesible enough for novices, the MicroView is also great for experienced electronics users. It uses an ATmega328P chip – just like the larger Arduino Uno – and runs at 5V/16MHz. It breaks out a dozen I/O pins, including six analog inputs (A0-A5) and 3 PWM outputs.

"The MicroView is an awesome platform for electronics beginners and experts alike," says SparkFun Engineer Jim Lindblom. "It's a great learning platform, because you can visually see what your Arduino is thinking. For that same reason it works well as a prototyping platform, especially for mobile projects. Plus its polished look makes it a great center-piece for a variety of finished projects."

The MicroView's unique size and built-in display make it ideal for a wide-array of designs where size is a consideration, including projects like custom smart watches, geo-cache sniffers, wearable electronics-based jewelery and more. For more information on the MicroView, visit  

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