The new LeddarCore integrated circuit (IC) is an ultra-low power sensor core based on Leddar, LeddarTech's patented direct optical time-of-flight (ToF) technology.

LeddarCore is designed to be easily integrated into complete solutions. Starting from the LeddarCore, developers, integrators, and brand owners now have the opportunity to create highly optimized detection and ranging applications that can add significant value within their own industries.

LeddarCore’s key advantages are high sensitivity, immunity to noise and powerful time-domain processing capabilities. These enable the development of highly efficient ToF sensors that can meet your performance objectives and cost requirements.

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New generations of smart sensors are a key enabler  that provide a wealth of quality data from which to build new applications and capabilities. Their small footprint, low cost, low power consumption, high reliability and adaptability allows for easy integration into a variety of devices. 

For a view on smart sensor technology and their applications for the Internet of Things, read our latest article, as published in the German magazine Elektronikpraxis:  

Enabling Detection and Ranging for the Internet of Things and Beyond




We will be at the Sensors Expo & Conference, from June 9-11, to showcase our latest innovations. We will also be hosting a Technical Session on June 11. See you in Long Beach!

Technical Session: Direct Optical Time-of-Flight Sensing: Enabling Detection and Ranging for Innovative Applications





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