Introducing A Truly 'Next Generation' Hydrogen Solution

HOUSTON, TX -- Hydrogen-XT, Inc., a Houston­-based technology company, is pleased to announce the start of development on an IT solution to an energy industry challenge. With Hydrogen-XT's patent-protected, "next generation" hydrogen (H2) fueling system, American energy will finally overcome the "chicken and egg" barrier that has kept H2 from becoming a widely ­used vehicle fuel.

"The innovative idea Hydrogen-XT has put forward to create an immediately available, widespread and affordable network of hydrogen outlets shows the greatest potential to leap forward in our effort to better use our own US resources for clean, inexpensive transportation of any that I have seen," former Congressman Nick Lampson (D-TX) said. "Hydrogen-XT has found a 'next generation' solution to major transportation challenges."

Hydrogen-XT's unique, patent-protected solution relies upon intelligent software that locates stations and displays fuel availability, reserves the amount a customer wants, routes them to the selected station and then completes the transaction, all on their smartphone or infotainment system. By doing this, Hydrogen-XT has effectively eliminated the "chicken-and-egg" dilemma facing next-generation fuels while giving early H2 adopters confidence that they will be able to locate, reserve and purchase fuel whenever it is needed.

A key element of Hydrogen-XT's patent-protected solution includes a small, inexpensive fueling station that reforms hydrogen from natural gas. Hydrogen-XT's station is designed to be extremely cost effective, estimated to be 100 times less expensive than conventional H2 stations available today. The station is also easily upgraded thanks to its uniquely modular design, making it the only H2 solution that's affordable enough for today and ready to scale up for tomorrow.

In short, Hydrogen-XT has found the way forward for the H2 economy. This is how it begins: Not with a series of heavily subsidized mega stations dotting Silicon Valley, but with a smartphone app and thousands of small, networked H2 outlets installed at existing gas stations, corner stores and parking lots across America.

"The technology and know-how developed by this dynamic young company has the potential to open up a new frontier, not only in individual transportation, but also in the environment as a whole," former Texas Land Commissioner Garry Mauro said of Hydrogen-XT. "If I were still a public official, I would embrace it with vigor."

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