Intersil Unveils Synchronous Buck Regulator with Output Tracking and Sequencing for FPGAs and Microprocessors

MILPITAS, CA -- Intersil Corporation introduces the ISL8002B synchronous buck (step-down) switching regulator that delivers up to 2A of continuous output current from a 2.7V to 5.5V input supply. The device's 2MHz switching frequency provides superior transient response, and its key features -- programmable soft-start, and output tracking and sequencing of FPGAs and microprocessors -- increase system reliability for point-of load conversions in networking, factory automation, instrumentation, and medical equipment.

The ISL8002B enables greater system reliability through several innovative features. For example, the regulator's output tracking and sequencing of FPGAs and MPUs ensures sensitive multi-rails properly start up and shut down. In addition, its output rails are configurable for coincidental, ratiometric, or sequential settings, ensuring the FPGA or MPU's internal ESD diodes are not biased or overstressed during rising or falling outputs. The ISL8002B's undervoltage lockout and several other protection/stability features (overvoltage, overcurrent, undercurrent, negative current, over temperature and short-circuit) safeguard the system from damage when an unwanted electrical fault event occurs. And its unique negative current protection prevents switch failure.

The ISL8002B's superior transient response and high level of integration enable a complete synchronous step-down DC/DC converter solution in less than a 0.10 inch2 footprint. By integrating low RDS(ON) high-side PMOS and low-side NMOS MOSFETs, the buck regulator eliminates the need for a bootstrap capacitor and diode, and its high efficiency allows the use of small inductors to further reduce board space.

"The number of voltage rails is proliferating across a broad range of applications, creating more complex system designs," said Mark Downing, senior vice president of Infrastructure and Industrial Power Products at Intersil. "The ISL8002B synchronous buck regulator provides designers an easy to use, compact point-of-load solution with the right combination of features required to improve reliability for the most demanding systems."

Key Features and Specifications:

• Compact package size: 2mm x 2mm
• Output tracking and sequencing
• Switching at high frequency: 2MHz
• High peak efficiency, up to 95 percent
• Wide input voltage range: 2.7V to 5.5V
• Maximum output current: 2A
• Under voltage lockout, overvoltage protection
• Selectable PFM or PWM operation
• Overcurrent, short-circuit protection
• Over temperature/thermal protection


The ISL8002B synchronous buck regulator is available now in a 2mm x 2mm, 8-pin TDFN package and is priced at $1 USD in 1k quantities. The ISL8002BDEMO1Z demonstration board can be purchased for $23 USD each.

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