InterSense Motion Tracking Used in Cyberpsychology Lab

BEDFORD, MA -- InterSense, Inc., a market leader in precision motion technology, announced its custom configured, IS-900 wireless motion tracking system has been integrated into Psyche, a six-sided immersive display being used in the Cyberpsychology Lab at the Université du Québec en Outaouais. Psyche is used for research focused on validating the clinical effectiveness of virtual therapeutic environments and of telepsychotherapy for certain mental disorders, including anxiety disorders and sexually deviant behavior.

Psyche is part of a project lead by the Université du Québec en Outaouais to equip several anxiety disorders clinics across Canada with virtual reality based systems that enable the creation of virtual environments with which to treat severe anxiety disorders. Virtual reality enables individuals to interact in real time with a three-dimensional computer-simulated environment via an immersive display, providing a more confidential and less costly option for therapy than traditional means which has been shown to be just as effective when treating some psychological disorders.

Featuring InterSense's MicroTrax user interface devices, the IS-900 wireless system in Psyche enables the real-time tracking of users' movements as they interact with virtual 3-D images displayed on the walls of the room. This is accomplished via the InterSense wireless head tracker, which updates the system's visualization software with precise, smooth measurements of the user's viewpoint, and a wireless wand input device, which enables the user to navigate through the environment with six degrees of freedom while intuitively interacting with the scene.

The precise and smooth tracking provided by InterSense's IS-900 system provides users with the fine level of detail required to achieve perceptual realism while interacting with 3-D virtual images in this environment. Furthermore, the custom configuration allows for a seamless integration of the components into the display while maintaining uniform performance throughout the entire environment. InterSense joined forces with VizTek, a leading provider of turnkey visualization systems for professional applications, to incorporate its system into the design of this unique display.

"Telepsychology and virtual reality assisted psychology are emerging and highly innovative research areas, which are greatly aided by the integration of motion tracking technology in order to provide a more realistic therapeutic environment," stated Stéphane Bouchard, Canada Research Chair in Clinical Cyberpsychology at the Université du Québec en Outaouais. "We selected InterSense's IS-900 for a variety of reasons, including its high precision and low latency, ability to track multiple objects wirelessly, and most importantly for its seamless integration into the Psyche."

"Facilities such as Psyche are driving cutting edge research at the intersection of technology and psychology, capitalizing on the latest technology to create state of the art immersive displays," stated Mike Donfrancesco, vice president of sales at InterSense. "We're happy to partner with Professor Bouchard and his team to provide a precise, reliable tracking solution for this advanced research."

The installation at the Université du Québec en Outaouais marks the fifth installation of InterSense's six-sided display solution, once again proving the IS-900 is an ideal system for such complex, data-intensive situations. InterSense has also successfully installed motion tracking systems within six-sided immersive visualization environments at Iowa State University's Virtual Reality Applications Center (VRAC), Duke University (The Visroom's "C"), the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Beckman Institute Cube) and Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise (3-D Immersive Visualization Total Immersion System).

Introduced in 1999, InterSense's IS-900 motion tracking product family is an enabling technology used in flight simulation, mission training systems, oil and gas exploration, 3-D visualization rooms and other immersive display applications. With more than 1,000 systems installed worldwide, the IS-900 product offers reliable and accurate motion tracking for the most demanding applications.

About InterSense
Founded in 1996, InterSense Inc. is a precision motion technology company delivering real time positioning, tracking and alignment capabilities, which bring higher speed and quality to visual simulation, guidance and enhanced vision applications. InterSense's patented motion tracking products enable realistic interaction with computer graphics for demanding applications including simulation and training; oil and gas exploration; flight, vehicle and manufacturing guidance; virtual prototyping and design; medical imaging; entertainment; and video/film production. Privately held InterSense is headquartered in Bedford, MA.