Internet of Things (IoT) Delivered to Transportation Construction through New Partnership

SEATTLE, WA --- Pavia Systems has entered into a strategic partnership with Grathwol Automation, a Sandusky, Ohio-based firm providing intelligent telematics - IntelliMatics for heavy equipment enabling it to talk directly to Pavia Systems’ HeadLight software, a mobile project inspection system. This partnership allows Pavia Systems’ clients the benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) to automate activities like recording equipment operating hours and materials quantities directly through HeadLight.

IoT refers to sensors embedded in objects that can both sense the environment and communicate performance data in a way that allows users to respond quickly. In construction, this commonly refers to telematics. Utilizing Grathwol Automation telematics technology directly within the HeadLight mobile app provides valuable real-time equipment information to the entire project team allowing equipment and materials tracking to be automatically collected, greatly increasing inspector efficiency and information accuracy while reducing payment delays.

The two companies have a strong alignment with their market approaches as both are aimed to help construction project teams meet the expectations of today’s demanding delivery deadlines and growing construction programs by using purpose-built technology tools to manage the inefficiencies and risk often associated with infrastructure project delivery.

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