Internet-Enabled Thermostat Features Humidity Sensing and Control

Proliphix Inc. says its one-piece Internet-connected device is an industry first. Humidity sensing and control have become increasingly important in residential and commercial buildings, in addition to electronic equipment control rooms.

WESTFORD, Mass. /PRNewswire/ -- Proliphix, Inc. announces the release of its newest Internet-enabled thermostat, model NT150, which features relative humidity sensing and control. The NT150 also includes all of the standard features of Proliphix's Professional Series thermostats.

According to Walter Dray, Proliphix's President and CEO, "Humidity sensing and control have become increasingly important in residential and commercial buildings, especially in the southeastern United States, where damp conditions create a perfect environment for mold-growth. In drier climates the opposite is true -- humidification is often necessary. Our NT150 can detect and provide control in either situation."

The NT150 is also ideal for applications where humidity sensing is imperative, such as electronic equipment control rooms. In such environments, constant humidity levels are vital for optimum equipment performance.

The NT150 includes temperature compensation for temperature readings significantly different from 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Accuracy is plus/minus 3.0 percent, with a humidity range from 10 to 90 percent.

NT150 users can control humidity by activating the HVAC cooling system when relative humidity (RH) rises above a pre-set threshold of 10 to 90 percent. The cooling cycle will continue until RH falls five percent below the pre-set level, or until a heat set point is met which will automatically trigger the system's heat cycle. Once the heat requirement is satisfied, the system will wait five minutes before resuming the cooling cycle to satisfy pre-set humidity levels.

Dray says the NT150 is unique in the marketplace because, although others offer humidity sensing, Proliphix is the first to offer a one-piece Internet-connected solution that provides both sensing and control. And at $445 MSRP, the NT150 is truly an affordable humidity control solution.

Proliphix, Inc. develops and manufactures Internet-enabled energy management products for use in residential and light commercial applications. The company delivers scalable remote monitoring and control by capitalizing on the proliferation of the Internet and its related technologies.

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