Interlink Electronics Addresses Data Encryption and Signature-Pad Durability

CAMARILLO, Calif. /BUSINESS WIRE/ --Interlink Electronics, Inc., a developer of intuitive interface technologies and solutions for business and home applications, today announced availability of the ePad-ink Pro LCD signature input device. Created to capture handwritten electronic signatures for high-volume applications, ePad-ink Pro provides enhanced signature data encryption and increased pad surface durability. ePad-ink Pro has a bidirectional pressure-sensitive screen that can display marketing messages to customers while capturing signatures and collecting additional handwriting biometrics. ePad-ink Pro is compatible with existing ePad products from Interlink Electronics and is supported by the company’s IntegriSign Signature Software Suite.

“The ability to hand-sign digital documents is enabling the automation of customer services worldwide,” says Rod Vesling, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, E-Transactions, Interlink Electronics, Inc. “For financial service industries and government agencies, this transition to an e-signature-enabled paperless information process is already putting a significant portion of their transaction costs back on the bottom line. Of course, in such high-volume signature environments, data security and signature pad durability are concerns. To deliver the enhanced durability required for certain applications, ePad-ink Pro provides a new Display Protection System enabling a field-replaceable protective screen to provide long life, even in heavy volume applications.

“To ensure e-signature data security, we have partnered with NCR Corporation to utilize their patented data encryption process in our ePad electronic signature products,” adds Mr. Vesling. “Today, ePad signature pads from Interlink are the only such devices within the financial marketplace licensed by NCR. Utilizing Advanced Encryption Standard with the NCR process helps prevent the electronic ‘sniffing’ of e-signature data. This increased data security between peripheral and host device is fast becoming a requirement in the financial services industry, and we are pleased to partner with NCR to bring data-secure e-signature solutions to this market.”

About ePad-ink Pro

ePad-ink Pro is an LCD touchpad-based bidirectional electronic-signature capture device. Using an ARM 9 processor, ePad-ink Pro displays marketing messages in text and graphics back to customers while it collects handwritten signatures and signature biometrics with a resolution of 300 dots-per-inch at up to 400 reports per second. ePad-ink Pro is compatible with other ePad products from Interlink Electronics and is fully integrated with the company’s IntegriSign Signature Software Suite. ePad-ink Pro will be available directly from the manufacturer starting March 1, 2006.

About the IntegriSign Signature Software Suite

The IntegriSign Signature Software Suite from Interlink Electronics is a secure, fully integrated signature platform that gives clients the tools to capture, bind, and verify electronic signatures easily and quickly across multiple application environments. Both turnkey and high-level developer toolkits are available, and a dedicated engineering team supports their integration. Regardless of the size of the enterprise or variety of applications, IntegriSign provides the power and flexibility to meet electronic signature requirements. It is also fully integrated with the National Notary Association’s ENJOA eNotarization platform and with leading banking, financial, and enterprise software platforms around the world.

About Interlink Electronics, Inc.

Interlink Electronics, Inc., is a world leader in the development of intuitive interface technologies and solutions for business and home applications. Creating today’s interface standards, our Business Communications, E-transactions, Home Entertainment and Specialty Components businesses have established Interlink as the comprehensive source for branded and OEM solutions. Customers who buy from our OEM channel include Dell, HP/Compaq, InFocus, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, NEC, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, and Toshiba.

Recognized worldwide for innovative interface technologies and solutions, Interlink serves an international customer base from its corporate headquarters in Camarillo, Calif., and offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong and China. The company currently holds numerous patents on sensor technologies, e-signature technologies, wireless communication protocols and product design properties. See Interlink Electronics online at or in Japan at


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