Interface Level Measurement from Hawk

Interface Level Measurement from Hawk
Hawk Measurement

Designed for compact bed level/hindered layer level applications, the ORCA sonar bed level transmitters from Hawk Measurement, Middleton, MA, monitor two independent interface densities. Each transducer uses from 3–7 sonar crystals mounted in a single head. Each sonar array produces a concentrated sonar beam to achieve better penetration, higher sensitivity, and better overall performance. The device can provide process feedback, removing the need for manual control of underflow pumps; allows you to run thickener at the optimum design levels with less risk of rake overload; provides reliable real-time process settling conditions based on deviation changes to the 2 independent densities caused by changes in ore type, hydraulic changes, flocculent dosing, and coagulant dosing.

Contact Info

Company: Hawk Measurement
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 888-429-5538
Fax: 978-304-1462

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