Interface IC Solves USB Type-C and Power-Delivery Hassles

Interface IC Solves USB Type-C and Power-Delivery Hassles
STM Sensors Inc.

Declared a new solution for USB Type-C and power delivery, the STUSB16 interface IC
Promised to eliminate the plethora of wires and cables used to charge and connect computers, smartphones, tablets, TVs, set-top boxes, gaming platforms, and a broad range of consumer, industrial, and IoT smart devices. The IC integrates short-circuit, over-voltage, over-current protection, eliminating the need for external circuitry. Additionally, it offers plug power support (VCONN) with up to 600mA programmable current capability and, per the USB Power Delivery specification, it integrates Bi-Phase Mark Coded (BMC) Physical Layer (PHY) coding and decoding logic. The first member of the STUSB16 family, the STUSB1600QTR, is sampling to lead customers now at $0.95 each/1,000.

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