Interface Hardware Is IOP-Compliant

Interface Hardware Is IOP-Compliant

Neya Systems has announced the release of its UxCBRN IOP-compliant interface hardware. As a part of Neya's growing Ux line of products, UxCBRN provides an IOP-compliant interface to a broad range of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Environmental sensors.

UxCBRN has been developed from the ground up to be a robust, hardened, self-contained package to integrate CBRN sensors to new or existing small and mid-sized unmanned ground vehicle platforms. Designed to IP67 specifications, with integrated EMI and EFI protection, and a temperature operating range of -20°F to +140°F, UxCBRN is built to operate in the most challenging environments.

UxCBRN provides IOP-compliant interfaces to the ThermoFisher FirstDefender, RAE Systems MultiRAE, Canberra RGU-100, with M4A1 JCAD and Fido XT under development. It includes 4 independent RS-232 ports and 4 independent USB interfaces, and two software-programmable power supplies to power sensors.

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