IntelliSense Releases New MEMS/Nano Design Software

BOSTON /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- IntelliSense announced a major new version of its market-leading software for the MEMS/Nano industry, IntelliSuite v8.2. Continuing in its tradition of releasing two major software upgrades every year, IntelliSuite v8.2 (2007) introduces several groundbreaking industry first features.

IntelliSense CEO, Sandeep Akkaraju said, "With IntelliSuite v8.2, we have now entered the nano domain. Researchers have been clamoring for software to enable the development of next generation micro/nano devices. Nano-electromechanical systems–based resonators and carbon nanotube (CNT)–based devices have a potential to provide a breakthrough in a number of disciplines, ranging from computing, displays, medical devices, sensing, and telecommunications. IntelliSuite v8.2 enables the design of nanostructures and MEMS combined with nanostructures such as CNTs."

In addition, v8.2 expands IntelliSense's lead in providing industry's leading multi-physics capability. "Our customers have been demanding capabilities that increase the coupling between various physical domains; v8.2 takes multi-domain simulation to the next level. Next-generation device design will depend on seamless integration of fully coupled thermal, mechanical, piezo, electrostatic, magnetostatic, fluidic, and high-frequency electromagnetic simulation. Our focus in 2007 will be to enable interaction between these varied simulation domains in a single package."

The highlights of the latest installment of IntelliSuite include:

  • Nanoscale and carbon nanotube simulation capabilities
  • Thermo-electromagneto-mechanical module that allows for the design and simulation of electrostatic, magnetostatic, and Lorentz force based sensors and actuators
  • New 3D boundary element formulation–based, full-wave analysis solver, designed for fast impedance extraction and signal integrity analysis
  • Full 3D coupled electrostatic-mechanical-fluidic and high-frequency (RF FullWave) simulator, optimized for the design of RF-MEMS
  • Electrowetting on dielectric–based digital microfluidics module
  • VisualEase, advanced data visualization and data exploration module

Total MEMS Solutions
IntelliSense ignited the MEMS industry in the early 1990s with its IntelliSuite family of innovative CAD tools, and is now the leading innovator and supplier of design and development solutions for the MEMS professional. With users in more than 30 countries, IntelliSense offers software tools, custom design, and supply chain management, taking customers from concept to market. Visit us on the Web.

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