Intelligent Power Modules Deliver Up To 100W

Intelligent Power Modules Deliver Up To 100W

STMicroelectronics extends its SLLIMM nano Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) for motor drives with more package options that minimize overall size and complexity. They provide extra features and greater efficiency leveraging the latest-generation 500V MOSFETs. With a current rating of 1A or 2A, the new IPMs target applications up to 100W such as refrigerator compressors, washing-machine or dishwasher motors, draining and recirculation pumps, fans, and other drives running at less than 20 kHz in hard-switching circuitries. Operation up to +150°C allows use in harsh environments. The STIPN1M50T-H, STIPN1M50-H, STIPN2M50T-H (L), and STIPN2M50-H are in production now, priced from $4.50 each/1,000. For further information, visit  

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