Intelligent Leather Jacket Cranks Up The Heat

In spite of warnings of “global warming”, yet perhaps giving credence to a phrase meteorologists just cherish, “extreme weather”, technology startup Teiimo unveils what it’s calling the world's first intelligent leather jacket that heats shoulders, back, neck, and kidneys. But, luckily, that’s not all this garment, dubbed the iilation jacket, can do. It also serves as a hands-free, Bluetooth calling device, it plays music, and performs cellphone charging; a jacket of all trades if you will.

Heating elements are integrated into the jacket’s collar, shoulders, back, and kidney area. The ladies' jacket provides additional heating elements in the pockets. Wearers can independently adjust the heating areas via a control unit in one of the pockets.

Of course the jacket is battery powered via two thin rechargeables and will provide anywhere from 1.5 to 6 hours of heat depending on the setting and external temperature. It can also power up from a car’s cigarette lighter jack, assuming the car in question has said jack. A mobile app is also in development, one could assume, to control the jacket remotely for whatever reason.

In terms of hands-free phone operation the iilation jacket connects to a cellphone via Bluetooth and a mic and two speakers are in the collar. Calls are accepted via buttons in the left sleeve.

For the style mavens out there, the black iilation jacket is hand crafted from German cowhide leather. According to its maker, it was developed specifically for convertible and classic car drivers as well as motorcycle riders. I don’t foresee this jacket becoming the garment of choice for your local biker gang, but for those who are expecting “extreme weather”, this could be a good choice.

For more details, visit the company’s Kickstarter campaign that is currently running until November 30, 2014 at

Also visit the company’s website for further information at


Sabine Strecker

Email: [email protected]

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