Integrated WiFi Tracking Provides Real-Time Location Visibility for Mining

San Mateo, Calif. - AeroScout, Inc., a pioneer in the field of enterprise visibility solutions, and Mine Site Technologies (MST), one of the largest specialized mining communication companies in the world, announced a partnership to deliver an advanced location-tracking and communications solution for underground mines. Using wireless networking technology for underground environments and the WiFi-based active RFID system, the solution enhances overall miner health and safety without adding unnecessary networking equipment and personal protective equipment.

"The real-time tracking capabilities of the joint AeroScout-Mine Site solution not only provide personnel-location information in the event of an emergency but also cost benefits due to more efficient use of time and assets," said Mike Foletti, sales and marketing director of Mine Site Technologies. "Wi-Fi-based active RFID technology offers an effective method of overcoming some of the perennial safety concerns within the mining industry."

The new solution embeds AeroScout's Wi-Fi-Based active RFID tag into MST's lightweight Integrated Communications Cap Lamp (ICCL), enabling the cap lamps to be located in real time. Through the MST ImPact Digital communications hub, mine operators can track the position of underground miners as they move throughout the mine. These locations can be continually logged and viewed on a map in real time from a standard Web browser, ensuring safety and improved operations. AeroScout's tracking technology provides location visibility and comprehensive management capabilities, including zone monitoring and event-based alerts, from the AeroScout MobileView software platform.

The two companies jointly developed this new solution, which fully integrates AeroScout's tags and MobileView software with MST's cap lamp and ImPact Digital communications suite. Both Aeroscout's and MST's solutions are based on Wi-Fi standards, allowing a wide range of wireless devices to be used in the underground network environment and tracked in real time.

"The mining industry is making great strides toward improving the safety and technology surrounding their workers," said Gabi Daniely, vice president of marketing, AeroScout. "Mine Site Technologies is a recognized market leader for providing progressive mining communications solutions that combine leading technology for easy deployment and fast ROI."

The complete Real-Time Location Solution for mining safety and productivity is currently available from MST. The company's ICCL solution has already received intrinsically safe certification for coal mine use in Australia and is currently being assessed by MSHA in the U.S., with approval expected shortly.

About AeroScout
AeroScout provides award-winning enterprise visibility solutions that use Wi-Fi wireless networking standards to deliver accurate location-based solutions. The AeroScout system includes real-time location services, long-range active RFID, telemetry, and choke-point visibility all in a single, integrated infrastructure. AeroScout's standards-based applications locate valuable assets and people in indoor and outdoor environments, enabling customers in numerous industries to drive revenues and cut costs. AeroScout is a privately held company based in San Mateo, Calif. For more information, please visit the company's Web site.