Integrated Sensing Systems scores two patents for wireless sensing of intracranial pressures and deep brain stimulation.

Michigan -- Integrated Sensing Systems, Inc. (ISS) announced that the U.S Patent Office has granted two utility patents entitled “Sensor unit and procedure for monitoring intracranial physiological properties” (US Patent No. 8,343,068), and “Miniature wireless system for deep brain stimulation” (US Patent No. 8,412,332).

ISS designs and produces miniature, wireless, batteryless, intelligent, implantable sensors and actuators. The miniature sensing implants can be delivered and anchored in three approaches.

ISS’ focus has been on wireless implantable hemodynamic monitors (IHM) that are anchored within the left side of the heart for non-invasive monitoring of hemodynamic parameters to assist long-term patient management of chronic heart diseases. Dr. Nader Najafi, ISS President and CEO, stated that, "Effective long-term management of neurological diseases is the first medical field that ISS plans to expand into after the cardiac field. ISS’ flexible and intelligent platforms (development and manufacturing), allow for rapid customization of ISS implants for different medical applications. ISS implants have proven their ruggedness, biocompatibility and stability, by working in the left side of the heart (which is among the most demanding medical locations), as well as functioning with other medical devices such as pacemakers and LVADs.”

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