Integra Devices Accepted into Southern California’s Premium Tech Accelerator

Irvine, CA --- Integra announces their acceptance into EvoNexus’ prestigious incubator program. With 39 start-up applications this cycle, Integra Devices was the only venture to be admitted.

EvoNexus is a Southern Californian tech incubator that boasts deep industry relationships and powerful board members and sponsors. Leading tech corporations such as Qualcomm, Cisco, and ViaSat view EvoNexus as their gateway to start-up innovation and next generation technology.

Integra Devices produces advanced, smart, integrated micro devices, such as microwave components and micro-sensing systems for the Internet of Things and 5G wireless applications. Integra’s patented, transformative manufacturing technology creates these highly complex micro-devices at 1/10th the cost to innovate, 1/3rd the time to develop, and 1/4th the cost to manufacture compared to conventional methods.

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