InSync Releases Edgeware 3.2 for RFID Deployments

SAN JOSE, CA /PRNewswire/ -- InSync Software, Inc., the San Jose-based RFID and sensor-driven software company, announced the availability of InSync Edgeware 3.2. Edgeware is an application platform that leverages RFID and Sensor technologies including GPS, barcode and environmental sensors; allowing customers and partners to rapidly develop and deploy scaleable, real-world aware applications. Real-world aware applications are composite applications that sense physical reality and take actions necessary in enterprise systems to automate business activity.

Edgeware 3.2 features an updated library of utilities and pre-defined workflows used to automate Shipping and Receiving, asset tracking and other common processes. Customers can use Edgeware's tools to configure composite application across the extended enterprise. Deployment time can be significantly reduced by deploying InSync's Solution Sets that target specific supply chain processes. InSync's RFID and sensor-enabled solution sets, currently deployed and in use by Global 2000 companies, include item-level track and trace, asset management, and food traceability. By utilizing Edgeware 3.2's development platform in combination with InSync solution sets, implementation time in some applications has been reduced by as much as 80%.

"Key challenges for RFID and sensory applications are making them simple to deploy and collaborate not just between the 4 walls but beyond," says Louis Bianchin, senior analyst for Venture Development Corporation (VDC). "InSync's 3.2 Edgeware platform addresses these needs with a highly adaptable and scalable solution for customers, OEM partners and system integrators."

Also new to the 3.2 release is the ability to run Edgeware on mobile devices, such as handheld RFID reader/writers. This enables distributed computing with the capability for data acquisition and business logic functions in remote locations where processes may be disconnected from the IP network.

"With Edgeware 3.2 we looked at the main challenges of RFID adoption, and zeroed in on reducing development and deployment times, and simplifying partner collaboration," says Ravi Panja, CTO for InSync. "Our products are designed to get our customers and partner's applications up and running in a short amount of time, without sacrificing features, driving up costs, or hindering partner enablement. With Edgeware 3.2, we designed a platform that provides significant shortcuts for application developers. To enhance this offering, we built specific application Solution Sets that our customers can run on the Edgeware 3.2 platform. We truly feel that with Edgeware 3.2, RFID adoption has never been easier, or more affordable."

RFID and sensory devices provide item-level context that enriches decision making capability of enterprise systems. Edgeware 3.2 supports commercially available active and passive RFID, GPS, barcode, environmental, vision, and other mobile technologies. An SDK is provided to allow customers and partners to create custom device drivers as needed for projects. To manage sensor infrastructure across extended supply chains, Edgeware 3.2 features SensorNet which allows customers to configure, monitor, and manage devices and activities using a browser-based rich Internet application (RIA) interface. InSync has also leveraged RIA in dashboards to provide users with unprecedented real-world views of assets based activity.

Sensor-Driven Processes Collaboration and Automation
At each process step throughout the extended supply chain Edgeware 3.2 allows customers to utilize sensor infrastructure by acquiring real-time data and applying business rules at the point of execution. The distributed logic with events management within an SOA framework allows for a highly extensible system that can manage many activities in parallel. This eliminates the need for central processing, again cutting deployment time, and improving computing and network efficiencies.

For more information about InSync Edgeware 3.2, email [email protected], or visit the company's Web site.

InSync Software, Inc. is the leader in deploying fully compatible, sensor-driven business network software for supply chain and asset management. InSync Software, Inc provides an RFID- and sensor-driven platform, Edgeware, which allows for customers and partners to rapidly develop and deploy scaleable real-world aware applications enhancing existing enterprise solutions.

InSync Software leverages EPC and other eBusiness standards in an SOA architecture allowing process collaboration and event visibility between disparate partners. InSync is a certified SAP Integration company. InSync Software was founded in 2003, and is an Intel Capital and Rustic Canyon company. InSync is headquartered in San Jose, CA, with offices in India and Asia.

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