Insulation Monitoring Sensor from Polymer Aging Concepts

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Polymer Aging Concepts Inc.

AgeAlert condition monitoring sensors from Polymer Aging Concepts Inc., Dahlonega, GA, track the age or degradation of insulation in motors and generators based on actual operational and environmental conditions. The sensors use a conductive composite sensor element made by combining polymeric components of the insulation material being monitored with nanoparticle conductive fillers. As the polymeric components degrade in response to thermal and other stressors, the sensor's resistance changes; because the sensor is inserted into the motor windings, it sees the same environment as the winding insulation. Connecting an ohmmeter and comparing to insulation aging data provides real-time measurement of the remaining design life of the motor or generator insulation.

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Company: Polymer Aging Concepts Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 706-864-6304
Fax: 706-864-1056

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