Instruments Ease Fiber Testing Chores


EXFO’s Optical Xplorer is said to be the first optical fiber multimeter (OFM). Promising to make fiber testing simple, the device verifies optical links in seconds, and if faults are suspected, it finds and identifies them automatically.

Optical Xplorer relies on three technological innovations:

  1. Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) through lifetime calibration and field replaceable connectors. Hidden costs throughout a product's life make up a massive, yet sometimes overlooked, part of TCO. Optical Xplorer's lifetime calibration and patented Click-Out optical connector cut costly downtime and logistics associated with factory-based updates, maintenance and repairs.
  2. Saves time by exploring only faulty links. The Fault Xplorer feature self-launches during the optical link verification process, automatically exploring only those links suspected as faulty, eliminating doubts while saving testing time.
  3. Validates link quality in seconds, assigning a 1- to 5-star rating. With the built-in EXFO Advisor feature, technicians get the benefit of EXFO's 30+ years of fiber expertise and sophisticated algorithms at the push of a button, assigning ratings to links based on industry best practices.

For more details, checkout the Optical Xplorer datasheet.

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