Instrumented Steering Wheel from PCB

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PCB Automotive Sensors

PCB Automotive Sensors, Novi, MI, offers the Model 5610-10A instrumented steering wheel system that enables true-to-life data measurements for vehicle steering. The telemetry-based steering wheel with supplied adaptors can be installed in the same position as the OEM steering wheel to provide a similar ergonomic feel and driving dynamics. Integrated sensors measure angle, angular rate, and torque; the vehicle's active electronic stability program (ESP) is fully supported. Features include integrated function keys, including autozero for steering angle and steering torque, shunt calibration, and function lock. The device has an integrated inductive power supply and provides continuous running wireless operation.

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Company: PCB Automotive Sensors
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 888-684-0014
Fax: 248-478-2094

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