Inspection System Eliminates Implant Recalls

Inspection System Eliminates Implant Recalls

Lakeview Vision & Robotics (LVR) unveils what it describes as a low-cost technology for the orthopedic implant industry to improve the reliability of small implant parts during the manufacturing process, i.e., bone screws, plastic parts, etc. Promising to virtually eliminate recalls on orthopedic implants, the LVR inspection system uses a state-of-the-art ST Robotics R12 robot arm that inspects every bone screw and spinal part during the initial manufacturing process. The theory here is, by taking the human factor out of the equation, a 100% automated, reliable, and repeatable procedure eliminates human error and decreases costs. Small-part inspection takes less than a minute while providing a three-dimensional analysis. The R12 robot arm can also segregate defective parts and/or sort, inspect, and package the implants. Additionally, the system is not limited to a single part or profile. For more details, visit  

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