Insertion Flowmeter from ABB Measurement Products

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ABB Measurement Products

The enhanced AquaProbe insertion electromagnetic flowmeter from ABB Measurement Products, Warminster, PA, now offers a range of power source and transmitter options, suitable for use in clean water applications. Designed to work with the company's WaterMaster and AquaMaster 3 transmitters, the sensor can be used on pipe sizes from 200–8000 mm with the transmitter located either locally or up to 200 m away from the probe. The AquaProbe with WaterMaster transmitter is available with 4–20 mA with HART protocol or Profibus DP communications. Power options include mains- and battery-powered versions, and a renewable power version that can use solar or wind power and uses a super capacitor to store energy.

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Company: ABB Measurement Products
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-829-6001

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